The Updated Bob Lazar Timeline

This timeline was largely informed by Tom Mahood’s investigation into the life of Bob Lazar, including The Lazar Timeline.

This updated timeline is built upon the foundation laid by Mahood, and aims to incorporate new information that has come to light since he stopped publishing updates.

I encourage readers to alert me to any typos, errors, or omissions. (


(Last updated 1/8/2024)

March 21, 1942Carol Nadine Asher Born in San Francisco, CA.Birth Certificate
January 26, 1959Robert Scott Lazar Born in Coral Gables, Florida.The location, Coral Gables, is given in Good’s book. Good also states that George Knapp checked with the hospital Bob claims to have been born at in Coral Gables and “ records could be found.” (1) The date is from Bob’s first marriage certificate, however only his State of birth is listed, not the city. (10)A note on birth records in Florida. There are usually 3 different locations birth records are kept. The first, the hospital of birth, is also the least reliable, since it not an “official” repository of records. Records may or may not be found there. The next source, which is very reliable, is the Health Department of the County of birth. However, the best and most comprehensive birth record source for the State of Florida is the State Department of Health and Rehabilitation Services, Vital Statistics, PO Box 210, Jacksonville, FL 322231-0042. (904) 359-6900 (Recorded info). This location maintains copies of all birth records for the State, going back to 1917.

However, as a result of a State statute enacted in 1987, all birth records in Florida are now considered confidential. Copies, or even information from certificates, may only be issued to the birth registrant, the parents or legal guardian, or a legal representative of the registrant. So it appears no one can verify the claim that Bob’s birth records have vanished without his written permission.

In more recent disclosure in an Internet newsgroup, Gene Huff (Bob’s friend and partner) disclosed the reason Bob had difficulty obtaining a copy of his birth record was due to his adoptive status, but one was finally acquired.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1974Robert Lazar’s Social Security number issued in New York State.Bob’s Social Security number and current address, while in the public records, have been deleted from this document in the interests of his privacy. However, the SS # begins with 068 which indicates it was issued in the state of New York. It is possible to determine from the remainder of the SS # that it most likely was issued in 1974.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
June 12, 1974Carol Asher involved in robbery and murder.Carol and two associates — Gary Burkett, a member of the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, and his wife Victoria — enter the home of Dennis Passaro, where he is subsequently murdered.Bob Lazar: Shadows
June 13, 1974Carol Asher and 15 year old boy arrested and charged after vehicle tow.Police officers search Carol’s car and discover amphetamine powder and tablets, as well as stolen goods. Both Carol and the boy were promptly arrested and charged with possession of dangerous drugs and possession of property with altered serial numbers.Bob Lazar: Shadows
March 12, 1975Carol Asher Sentenced for her role in the robbery and murder of Dennis Passaro.The length of Carol’s sentence was not reported. At the time, the minimum sentence for second-degree murder in California was set at five years. 

Per California law, she would have been required to serve a minimum of two-thirds of her sentence before becoming eligible for release. Based on this requirement and accounting for time served, the earliest date for her potential release would have been November 1977.
Bob Lazar: Shadows
August 1976Robert Lazar graduate from W. Tresper Clark High School in Westbury, New York.According to Stanton Friedman, Bob graduated from W. Tresper Clarke High School (740 Edgewood Drive, East Meadow Union Free District) in Westbury Long Island, New York. His class standing was number 261 out of a class of 369. Further, according to Friedman, this would put Bob in the bottom third of his class and entry into Cal Tech or MIT generally requires the student be in the top 10% of the class. (15)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
Fall of 1976Bob admitted at Los Angeles Pierce College.According to Pierce College staff, Bob is admitted in fall of 1976.

He was associated with LAPC from Fall 1976 to Spring 1979.

He took mostly Electronics classes.

He does not appear to have received any degrees or certificates.

After Bob stated that one of his professors at Cal Tech was named “Duxler”, Stanton Friedman located a William Duxler, a Math and Physics professor at Pierce College, who was able to determine that Bob had taken at least one of his courses in the late 1970’s. Duxler said he never taught at Cal Tech. (15)
Bob Lazar: Education Revelations
Fall of 1976Bob claims employment at Fairchild Electronics begins.“I also got a job working for a company called Fairchild Electronics. They manufactured equipment to test something called ‘bubble memory’ devices.”

Excerpt from “Dreamland: An Autobiography”
“Dreamland: An Autobiography” by Bob Lazar
June 1977Bob’s parents purchased a home at 20650 Martha Street in Woodland Hills, California.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1977 Bob attaches Gluhareff Pulse Jet Engine to his bicycle.
August 1978Bob’s parents move to 4914 Natoma Avenue in Woodland Hills.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1978Bob claims to have received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Electronic Technology from Pacifica University.According to Bob’s Pre-Sentence Report for his pandering conviction (Case 94922).

Pacifica was shut down in 1978 by the State of California for selling degrees.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1977 or 1978Bob claims to have attended Cal State University, Northridge, “for a short time for some classes”, then on to CalTech.Claims to have attended Cal State University, Northridge, “for a short time for some classes”, then on to CalTech. (14)“The Big T” is the student yearbook for CalTech. At the Millikan Library at CalTech, every page of every issue of “The Big T” from the year 1977 through 1982 was checked. There is no photo or mention of Bob anywhere in any of the activities, highly improbable were he a student there. Checking by George Knapp (1) and Stanton Friedman with the administration revealed no records of Bob’s attendance. Although Good reports Friedman has confirmed Bob’s attendance at Cal State Northridge, Friedman says this is not correct and he has not made any inquiries to Cal State Northridge. (There was a Robert Lazar who graduated from Northridge in 1978 with a degree in Business Administration, but examination of the yearbook clearly indicates he’s a different Lazar)(1) (15)

According to Pierce College, Bob was attending LAPC for the entirety of both 1977 and 1978.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline

Bob Lazar: Education Revelations
July 27, 1980Bob marries Carol Nadine Asher in Woodland Hills, California.Carol uses the alias “Carol Nadine Strong”, and a false birth year of 1946.

According to the marriage certificate, at the time of the marriage they were both living at 21619 Strathern, #1, Canoga Park, California. The certificate list’s Bob’s occupation as “Electronics Engineer” and his highest school grade completed as 12. Bob’s birthdate was listed as January 26, 1959 in Florida. Carol’s occupation was listed as “Electronics Technician” and her highest school grade completed was also 12.
Carol’s date of birth was listed as March 21, 1946. The certificate lists this as the first marriage for both.

Per the certificate Bob’s parents were Albert Lazar and Phyllis Berliner (maiden name), both born in New York state. Carol’s parents were listed as Harold Strong (actual surname “Asher”), born in California, and Verda Jones (maiden name), born in Colorado. The marriage was witnessed by Chee Leung of 1485 1/4 Scott Avenue in Los Angeles, and Lois Kurz of 15210 Sherman Way, #52, in Van Nuys. The marriage was conducted by Rabbi Bernard M. Cohen of 23300 Aetna Street in Woodland Hills, Calif. (Certificate # 1980 O-025327) (10)

Otherhand Lazar Timeline

Bob Lazar: Shadows

Marriage Certificate
Probably 1982Date of claimed Masters of Science in Physics Degree from MIT.At Rachel-93, Bob was asked for the year of his graduation from MIT and if he got a Ph.D. He replied, “No, it was a Master’s degree. The year. What was the year of graduation? Probably eighty two because I think I left there and went to Los Alamos.” Glenn Campbell checked the following sources at the Institute Archives at MIT (See reference 14): Student directories between 1978 and 1990, Faculty/Staff phone directories between 1978 and 1990, MIT Degree List between 1979 and 1980, and the 1989 MIT Alumni/ae Register. There was no listing of Bob in any of these documents. (16) Stanton Friedman has also checked with the MIT Registrar’s office and the Alumni office and has found no evidence of attendance. Friedman reports Bob is not on the 1982 commencement list.

On the presentence report for his pandering conviction, Bob gave 1982 as the year of graduation.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline

Presentence Report
May 1982Bob and Carol Lazar move to Los Alamos, NMThe June 27, 1982 Los Alamos Monitor article on Bob and his jet car states that they moved to Los Alamos “about a month ago from California.”

According to the Los Alamos Monitor, Bob and Carol moved to Los Alamos from California. From the dates and addresses listed in the bankruptcy papers, it appears they settled in a rented duplex at 3964-B Sycamore and at some later date opened a photo processing business at 941-A 18th Street.

Monitor Article
May 18, 1982Los Alamos National Laboratory issues Z-Number for Bob Lazar.According to Los Alamos National Laboratory, security records show Bob was issued a Z-Number on May 18th, 1982.LANL Correspondence
June 27, 1982Los Alamos Monitor article published about Bob and his Honda jet car.The article, which appeared on the front page, identifies Bob as “..a physicist at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility.”

The reporter who authored the article, Terry England, has since stated that he does not remember verifying that Bob was a physicist at the lab:

I kind of took it at face value. I talked to a lot of guys up there at Los Alamos who were nuclear physicists and I pretty much accepted what they said.

There are a total of four photos of what appear to be a Honda Civic hatchback (California license plate JETUBET) with air scoops on the top and sides, and a jet nozzle protruding from the rear where the license plate would normally go. The article says the engine, composed of stainless steel and titanium, runs for 30 to 60 seconds on liquid propane with a kerosene afterburner producing 800 pounds of thrust. Oddly, “The jet cannot get the car going from a dead stop…” and must be driven in the normal manner up to about 90 mph. There is no compressor and Bob claimed it was “..the most efficient jet engine available. A standard jet uses six pounds of fuel for every pound of thrust; Lazar said he uses 1.3 pounds of fuel for a pound of thrust.” Bob stated the car had been driven over 200 mph on a dry lake near Los Angeles. The article states the car “…attracts a lot of attention for the Lazars, who moved to Los Alamos about a month ago from California.” From the article’s descriptions of the Lazars’ experiences in California, it appears they had been there for some time before coming to Los Alamos.
Monitor Article

Bob Lazar: There’s More to the Story
June 28, 1982Dr. Edward Teller LectureDr. Edward Teller gives a lecture at Los Alamos and Bob claims to have met him prior to the talk as Teller was reading Sunday’s newspaper story about Bob and his jet car (The Monitor was not published on Mondays). The Los Alamos Monitor of June 29, 1982 reported on its front page that Teller spoke at length against the nuclear freeze movement in this country. The article also said the auditorium at LANL was packed.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
October 21, 1982Bob listed in Los Alamos National Laboratory Telephone DirectoryBob’s entry lists “K/M” as his organization, indicating he is a contractor for Kirk-Mayer.

Bob’s direct supervisor, John Jarmer, and another employee at the lab have confirmed that Bob was employed as an electrical technician, and to their knowledge was never employed there as a physicist.

Stanton Friedman states: “The listing after Bob’s name clearly shows K/M which means Kirk Mayer and proves he did NOT work for LANL, but for a subcontractor. This seems appropriate since the Meson Facility mentioned in the Monitor article is a user facility with teams coming from all over to set up their equipment for experiments at the accelerators. As many as 1000 people per year can go through there. They work at the Lab, NOT for the Lab. They do get listed in the phone directory.”

Strangely, the bankruptcy file in 1986 does not show employment at LANL or Kirk-Mayer (correct spelling), only that of a self-employed photo processor.
Bob Lazar: There’s More to the Story

Otherhand Lazar Timeline
February 11th, 1983Bob Lazar’s entry no longer present in LANL Telephone Directory.Bob’s entry does not appear in the alphabetical directory of all Los Alamos employees as of February 11th 1983. As such, it can now be established that he was no longer employed at the lab by this date.

Bob’s Z number was issued on May 18, 1982, therefore the maximum length of his employment at the lab is 8 months and 23 days.
Bob Lazar: Excursions
October 28, 1983First advertisement for Studio West, Bob’s photo processing and package shipping shop, appears in the Los Alamos Monitor.Los Alamos Monitor
1984Bob borrows $4,000 from his mother.The bankruptcy papers show Bob borrowed $4,000 from his mother (Phyllis S. Lazar) and, at the time of the bankruptcy filing, had repaid only $500. (13)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1985Bob claims he and Carol purchase or invest in “Honeysuckle Ranch” legal brothel in northern Nevada.Per the April 1994 issue of Omni magazine, “…while on vacation in Nevada, he (Bob) wound up buying into a legal Reno brothel; the investment proved so profitable that he didn’t have to return to full time employment for a while”. Per Good, it was owned by Bob and Carol, and called the “Honeysuckle Ranch” in northern Nevada. In the bankruptcy papers filed in 1986, no mention is made of any ownership or income from a brothel.

Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1985Bob purchases Corvette.According to the bankruptcy papers, Bob purchased a 1984 Corvette for $19,000. Repaid only $550. It was repossessed in 1986 prior to the bankruptcy filing.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1985Bob borrows $15,000 from his father.Bob borrowed $15,000 from father (Albert M. Lazar), and had repaid only $1,000 by the time of the bankruptcy filing.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1985Bob takes out $60,000 loan from Los Alamos National Bank.According to the bankruptcy papers, Bob borrowed a total of $60,000 from Los Alamos National Bank, secured by a $7,900 1984 Honda. Repaid only $1,300 by the time of the bankruptcy filing.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
March 22, 1985Bob takes out $12,000 loan from the Bank of Los Alamos for photo processing equipment.Bob borrowed at least $12,000 from the Bank of Los Alamos for retrofit kits to the film printer(s) at his photo processing business and 300 rolls of 35mm film. Repaid only $300 by the time of the bankruptcy filing and the equipment was repossessed at some time prior to the filing.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1985Bob and Carol take out $5,000 “3 Minute Loan” from Security Pacific Finance Corp.According to the bankruptcy papers, Bob and Carol borrowed $5,000 via a “3 Minute Loan” from Security Pacific Finance Corp. of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline
June 13, 1985Bob and Carol purchase the Ann Greta house.Bob and Carol purchased a new home at 1933 Ann Greta Street in Las Vegas from R.A. Homes of Nevada (OR 2129:2088021). From the bankruptcy file and other documents, it appears Carol took up primary residence there and Bob remained in Los Alamos.

Otherhand Lazar Timeline
1985Bob and Gene Huff meet.“Bob and I had met in 1985 and by 1988 we had become friends and began to socialize together.” -Gene HuffThe Lazar Synopsis
December 11th, 1985Tracy Murk arrested and charged with Forgery.Per the Dec. 13 1985 Los Alamos Monitor:

“Tracy Murk, 73 Royal Crest, was released from custody after posting 10 percent of a $5,000 cash bond to appear in Magistrate Court. Murk was arrested Dec. 11 and charged with forgery. No appearance date had been set.”
Bob Lazar: Red Flags
1986Bob takes out $9,000 loan to purchase 1985 Honda CRX.Purchased 1985 Honda CRX for $9,000. Repaid only $300 by the time of the bankruptcy filing and was repossessed sometime in 1986, prior to the filing.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
March 26, 1986Bob borrows $2,000 from John Horne to purchase jet dragster.Bob borrowed $2,000 from John Horne of Los Alamos for down payment on a jet car. As of March 2, 1987, the debt had not been repaid, according to the bankruptcy file.

John Horne later stated Bob repaid him in mid-1995.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline

Los Alamos Interview
April 19, 1986Bob marries Tracy Anne Murk at the “We’ve Only Just Begun” Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.At the time, Bob was apparently still legally married to Carol. No divorce proceedings were on file with the Clark County Clerk’s office, and Carol’s published obituaries and death certificate identified Bob Lazar as her husband at the time. The minister at the wedding was William Sharp and the recorded marriage certificate was mailed to 1073 Cheyenne, Los Alamos, the home of his friend and colleague at LANL – Joe Vaninetti. (OR 0765:0400067) (11)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
April 21, 1986Carol Lazar died in Las Vegas.Carol Lazar’s death certificate (# 001423–86) is on file with the Clark County Health District.

The death was ruled a suicide and the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning. The method was given as “Inhalation of motor vehicle exhaust”. It occurred at 1933 Ann Greta.

Bob Lazar has stated that Carol committed suicide because she had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

According to the police report:

“On 4/21/86, approximately 0735 hrs., BOB LAZAR arrived at his residence after being gone the weekend. Upon entry to the residence, heard a vehicle running in the garage. Went into the garage; found his wife apparently deceased in the garage. He then turned off the vehicle and contacted medical and police personnel who responded. 

BOB LAZAR stated that he was out of town pursuing his occupation as a race car driver and when he returned home today he found his wife deceased. A note is found inside of the house and basically says she is tired of it; she wanted no big funeral, no flowers, cremation and it said, ‘I did it by myself’ and is signed CAROL LAZAR.”

According to the Coroner’s report:

“Husband reports finding the victim as described this date at 7:30 A.M. following his return from out of state. Husband reports talking to decedent by telephone Saturday, 4-19-86. Husband states they have had marital difficulties; that the deceased has talked of suicide.”

Quoting the obituary in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 23, 1986, Page 2B: “Carol Lazar died Monday. She was a two-year resident of Las Vegas and was a self-employed film processor in the photography industry. She is survived by her husband Robert of Las Vegas. Private services and burial were handled by Davis Funeral Home”.

Otherhand Lazar Timeline

Police Report

Coroner’s Report
April 1986Bob and Tracy move into the Ann Greta house.Per statements in the bankruptcy file, Bob left Los Alamos and moved to Las Vegas. The addresses listed in those papers indicate he moved to the Ann Greta house.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
July 21, 1986Bob Lazar files for bankruptcy.Bob voluntarily filed for a Chapter 7 (which is a liquidation) bankruptcy in Las Vegas citing “loss of business” and “death of spouse” as reasons.(Case BK 86–01623). (13)In the file, under penalty of perjury, Bob stated his occupation was a Photo Processor, that he was self employed at his residence, and had been so for 6 years. There was no mention of employment at LANL. When asked if he had been in a partnership with anyone or engaged in any business within the preceding 6 years, Bob stated “No”. Within the preceding 2 years, Bob stated the amount of income he received from his trade was “Unknown”, that he had received no other income from other sources and had not filed tax returns for the period.

Bob stated that his records for the two years prior to July 1986, along with $15,000, had vanished with his accountant, Scott R. Maxwell of Santa Fe, who moved and left no forwarding address. Bob said a police report on the incident was filed in Los Alamos.

Bob also stated no other person was holding anything of value in which he had an interest. There was no mention anywhere in the documents of ownership, either part or full, of a brothel.

Bob listed his monthly expenses for mortgage, utilities, food, car payments, etc., as totaling $2,360. He listed another monthly debt of $13,150, and although required to specify what it was, did not. Thus his total monthly expenses were given as $15,510.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline
October 12, 1986Bob marries Tracy a second time.This time, Tracy used the name of Jackie Dianne Evans.

Tracy had been arrested and charged with forgery in December of 1985. In violation of her probation agreement, Tracy had left the state of New Mexico. Believing the authorities were pursuing her for prosecution, she remarried Bob under the false name.

Wedding was at the “Chapel of Love” in Las Vegas by Minister James B. Terrell (OR 0773:0431981). The recorded marriage certificate was sent to the Ann Greta address.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline

Marriage Certificate

Bob Lazar: Red Flags
March 16, 1988“Notice of Default” issued for the Ann Greta house.A “Notice of Default” was issued for the Ann Greta house for failing to make payments from 7–1–87 and thereafter. The trustee of the loan declared it due and if not paid immediately, would be foreclosed on. (OR 880316:00333)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
March 19, 1987Bankruptcy final decree was issued.Final accounting showed $173,250 in assets (home and photo equipment), and $270,324 in debts.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
March 22, 1988Tracy purchases the Lovell house under the alias “Jackie Evans.”Under the name of “Jackie Evans”, Tracy buys home located at 1029 James Lovell Street in Las Vegas from Michael and Carolyn Tutay. The purchase was made as “Jackie Evans, a married woman as her sole and separate property”. Bob also signs a quitclaim deed relinquishing any ownership interests in the property, as documented in OR 880322:124–127.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
Around June 1988Bob meets John Lear.John Lear places their meeting around June 1988.

Gene Huff contacted John Lear and offered to appraise his home in exchange for a copy of Lear’s collection of UFO materials, including the Billy Meier tapes as well as other tapes and documents. Lear agreed, and Huff brought Lazar with him as an assistant to help him appraise the home.
John Lear Tells All
August 4, 1988Ann Greta house sold at auction.The Ann Greta house was sold at auction by the trustee for $97,400 (OR 880912:262).Otherhand Lazar Timeline
September 7, 1988Joe Vaninetti visits Bob Lazar, they take apparent trip to Groom Lake.“Joe, the guy I knew and worked with in Los Alamos, came to visit. And left on the 10th.
[Groom Lake = 125 miles.] This is just a mileage note. It doesn’t occur on this date, it’s a note to myself how far the drive was… that was one of my excursions up there. There will be some deceiving stuff on the calendar intentionally. We’ll run into other stuff like this.”
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
September 13, 1988Bob writes “UFO Film” on calendar entry.“UFO Film is a note to myself to get a film John Lear gave me out of the house. He gave me a bunch of documents, after I had first met him. Then I began to wonder how intelligent it was keeping that stuff around should there be another surprise visit, more or less.”New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
October 4, 1988 Bob writes “John Lear at 8pm” on calendar entry.“What’s happening here is, I’m trying to show that I knew John Lear from a long time ago. And I think you’re going to see something really obvious, if I remember… I’ll start calling John something else… well, let me just go through it, instead of looking ahead. Anyway… that has nothing to do with that date.”New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
October 14, 1988Bob Lazar writes “UFO Cover-up” on calendar entry, denoting airing of “UFO Cover-Up?: Live!” television program.“[UFO Cover-up] This is actually on that date… at Shelly’s with Jim [Tagliani]. This was interesting… and Jim will recall this day… he came over… now, before this I didn’t know who John Lear was and had an article in the paper about some guy who said the aliens are here and they’re taking over and all that stuff and is giving lectures at the library and Jim brought it over and showed it to me and Jim was thinking about going there and wanted to know if I wanted to go with him and I told him he was crazy… and what a total waste of time. And he said, well, I’m going to go and I said, okay, fine… he said why don’t you come over tonight cause the guy’s going to be on TV. So, I think, this is the first time I saw anything and it was some special that was on TV about people being abducted and stuff like that and I don’t remember exactly what was going on in there, but John was telling his normal UFO story and there were a couple of other people… you know… I’ve been abducted… so, that was the first time I’d seen John on TV.]”

The program features guests that claim:

-Aliens made an agreement with the US Government that the aliens would operate from a facility at Area 51, aka Dreamland. (Link)

-The aliens are from the Zeta Reticuli star group. (Link)
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
Mid-OctoberCalendar entry denoting Bob sending resumes out.“…there’s something here about me sending resumes out — mid- October.”New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
October 19, 1988Bob Lazar writes “Jim to Tonopah” on calendar entry, referring to his friend Jim Tagliani apparently beginning work at the Tonopah Test Range.“Jim is now working up at the test site on the Stealth… I don’t know if that was the first time he’d been up there… but that’s when he’s starting his, more or less, secret work.”New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
October [20-22], 1988Bob writes “John Lear at 4:30” on calendar entry.“There was something here I crossed out and then wrote John Lear at 4:30.”New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
October 23, 1988Bob writes “Fly to Ballhead” on calendar entry.“Fly to Ballhead… oh, that’s just flying with Tracy. Who is listed on here as Jackie, by the way. Her name’s Tracy Jacqueline.”

Bob gives a false explanation to the interviewers regarding the reason Tracy was going by the name “Jackie”. Tracy’s middle name is Adrianne.
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
October 25, 1988Bob writes “EG&G” on calendar entry.“… This is me dropping the resume off. I dropped it off on the 25th of October. And like I said, there was going to be a place where I sent out resumes. They probably all went out around this day.”

In 1990, Bob had told John Andrews that his first interview at EG&G had occurred on this date, and that he was told he was overqualified and would be bored with the position they were interviewing for.
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
Beginning of November 1988Bob writes “John Lear” on calendar entry.Now we’re in November. There’s another random John Lear down. That’s another one.New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
November 17, 1988Bob writes “Linda Howe” on calendar entry.“Bob: See, I wonder if I’m screwing myself up here with my own…

Q: It’s okay… it’s absolutely okay…

Bob: Linda Howe… I didn’t know about Linda Howe for… on the 17th of November…

Q: Who was Linda Howe?

Gene: Cattle mutilation queen… on a video called “The Strange Harvest” back in ’79 or ’80…”
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
November 28, 1988Bob scribbled out “EG&G” on calendar entry.“Gene Huff: Well, what was this on the 28th?

Bob: See, I don’t know.

Huff: Looks like you scribbled out EG&G.”
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
November 29, 1988Bob notes Dr. Teller called him on calendar entry.“Bob: Okay, Teller called the 29th.

Bob: It was a short call. He recalled our meeting in Los Alamos and basically said, there might be someone who might be interested in you and…

Gene Huff: When Edward Teller called, I said, who’s Edward Teller… but Teller said that he was no longer active and only now worked in a chief consultant capacity.

Bob: Right. This is great.

Huff: And so he couldn’t directly give you a job… but he could give you the number of a guy you could get in contact with here in Las Vegas… and he gave you a number. And I don’t know what else you talked about…

Bob: That’s better than I remembered it… yet it happened to me.


John Andrews: “On 29 November 1988 Dr. Teller called Bob Lazar and gave him a name to call. Bob called that name. Within an hour E. G. & G. called Bob and asked him to come in for an interview.”

In explanation of what prompted Dr. Teller to call Bob, Andrews writes “Bob desired to move from Los Alamos. In the process he sent many resumes around the country.”
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)

John Andrews Correspondence with Dr. Teller’s Secretary.
December 1, 1988Bob writes “First Interview EG&G” on calendar entry.“Q: And this is where he said, you’re over-qualified… we don’t have anything.

L: Right. But we might have something in the near future. Which was probably a day or two after. Okay, I went out… that’s where the other interview was… now why that’s not written down, I don’t know. Unless something is written here, which is scribbled out… cause that’s about where it should have happened. It was about a day after.

Q: They called you back and said would you come in that day?

L: Right. And that’s when the big interview was… wait, that’s a Saturday… that’s impossible.

Q: Well, that’s okay… we’ll say a day or two later.”

Separately, John Andrews asserts that Bob told him this was his second interview at EG&G.

Andrews: “Bob Lazar had a near-3 hour interview at E. G. & G. offices in Las Vegas. They were impressed with him, hired him.”
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)

John Andrews Correspondence with Dr. Teller’s Secretary.
December 5, 1988Bob claims second interview at EG&G that is not recorded on his calendar.“Bob: It might have been Monday the 5th… and the only reason it’s not written down is cause we thought Tracy was pregnant that day… That’s a PRG=1.

Gene: Oh, Preg One, that’s right.

Bob: Then there’s doctor stuff, so… and the day doesn’t seem to start till three o’clock, so that makes sense to me.”

Bob did not tell John Andrews anything happened on this date.
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)

John Andrews Correspondence with Dr. Teller’s Secretary.
December 6, 1988Bob claims third interview at EG&G, first visit to Area 51 [Not S4].“Bob: The following day the 6th was another short interview… meeting people and then finally going up there.

Q: This is the day they flew you up there… the sixth… one day after the panel?
Bob: That doesn’t make sense. This is the day that I went there. I remember writing “Trip to Nowhere” on there.

Gene Huff: That’s when you went to S4 the first time.

Bob: Yeah, this is the first trip to Area 51.

Huff: Are you sure… where was the EG&G…”

Later in the interview, Bob clarifies that this visit was only to Area 51 and not the S4 facility.

There is heavy confusion around this date. Read transcript for full exchange.

John Andrews writes: “Bob met at E. G. & G. Special Projects Office at McCarran Field and was flown out to Area 51 (Groom Lake, NV) for his first day on site at Area S4 adjacent to Papoose Lake, NV.”

John Andrews was not told of an interview on this date.

John Lear claims Bob visited him in the evening and Bob told him that he had seen a “disc” at the facility. Lear has stated this in numerous interviews and has always said it happened on December 6th.
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)

John Andrews Correspondence with Dr. Teller’s Secretary.

John Lear Tells All Part 2
December 14, 1988Bob writes “Black & White Groom Lake photo done” on calendar entry.“Bob : Black and white Groom Lake photo done. I think this is when I blew up a photo of Groom Lake to see…

Gene Huff: That was that old photo of Groom Lake from the ’60’s or something… wasn’t it?

Bob: Right… I had just gotten back from there about a week ago…

Q: And you wanted to see what?

Bob: If it had changed…”
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
Mid-DecemberBob claims first trip to S4, not recorded on calendar.“Gene Huff: What did you go to S4 twice in December, right?

Bob: No… S4 once… Groom Lake once.

Huff: Oh… okay.

Bob: And I went before Christmas. So before the 23rd…

Huff: Because they broke for Christmas, didn’t they…

Bob: Yes, before the 23rd is the second trip there and I don’t know where that occurred.”
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
Before December 23rd, 1988Bob claims second trip to S4, not recorded on calendar.Bob: Well, I’m saying before that date… I went on the second trip to S4.

… and this is the day that they had done the allergen test up here…
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
January 16, 1989Bob writes “Lear / Work at 4pm” on calendar entry.

Claimed third trip to S4.
Bob: Work at 4pm — here’s another trip.

Q: Okay, that’s 16 — January.

Bob: Right. Now Lear is written at the top here and I don’t know why — looks like it was written in after the date was written, but I can’t be sure.

Q: Just so that you’re anchoring with regards to these trips… is this a trip in which you were exposed to files?

Bob: Oh, yeah, all of them were.
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
January 24, 1989Bob writes “Go to work” on calendar entry.

Claimed fourth trip to S4.
Bob: And, in fact, when I get back from Los Alamos on the 24th… I go out again…New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
February 1989Bob claims fifth and sixth trips to S4, not recorded on calendar.

No “work” entries in February.
Gene Huff: Aren’t there just big blotches of days where you just “X” out days and don’t write anything… any of those can be work days?

Bob: Yeah, I was just looking for something that might look… There’s nothing in February… well, I went to work in there somewhere. Where I don’t know… I don’t see anything…

Q: Once a week?

Bob: No, not always… there should have been a couple of trips during that month.
New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
February 1989Bob and Gene Huff appear to enter “small business innovative research program” in effort to receive grant money for a business idea. Gene Huff: there were other things going on… remember, we were… that’s when we got the small business innovative research program… which is a big government (UNCLEAR) by different agencies for companies of 400 people or less… they put up funding and they need innovative research in different levels… level 1, 2, 3… for instance, the guys who fly the F15’s or this or that, they need a cooling system to go inside their flight suits to keep them cool… for instance if it’s level three, you can get all the information, they go… here’s where we’re at and here’s where our problem is… what is your idea to solve it and, if you come up with some ideas, then they’ll fund… give you money… and then, if you further the idea, make a working model, they can be manufactured… like even the defense contract can buy it from you… and this is to keep all the big, giant companies from getting all the business.New Line Cinema Screenwriting Interview (Calendar)
March 22, 1989First Wednesday night trip to Tikaboo Valley to view disc test.Observers were Bob Lazar, Tracy Lazar, Gene Huff and John Lear, using Lear’s RV. Lear was the only one who saw the elliptical shaped light through a telescope and the total sighting lasted about 7 minutes. (1)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
March 29, 1989Second Wednesday night trip to view disc test.Observers were Bob, Tracy Lazar, Gene Huff and Jim Tagliani. They took a videotape of a moving light with a timestamp of 8:30 PM shown on the tape. (1) (2) (9)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
April 5, 1989Third Wednesday night trip to view disc test.Observers were Bob, Tracy Lazar, her sister, Gene Huff and John Lear. They were discovered by guards and detained and questioned by the Lincoln County Sheriff. (1) (14)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
April 6th, 1989Bob claims he was driven to Indian Springs AFB and “debriefed” after being caught.Bob says he was ordered to report to Indian Springs where he was interrogated about the previous night’s activities. In Good’s book Bob says “I was never officially fired and my clearance was never officially taken away”, but that he refused to go back for fear of his safety.

In Lindemann’s book, UFOs and the Alien Presence, the following exchange occurs:

Gene Huff: Everyone thought that he got kicked out of the program and lost his security clearance because he took us out there, but in fact that was not true. He was still in the program. But then there was a dry spell when they didn’t call him for a long time, and it was driving him crazy. As it ended up, they were hearing his now ex-wife on the phone with her boyfriend. They didn’t want to break the news to him that she was having an affair. Then one day, after she told Bob, she called her mother and said “I had an affair, and I told Bob.” Once they heard that she told Bob, they called him down and rejected his security clearance, saying that you have to be emotionally, financially, and every kind of stable to get that high a security clearance. Didn’t they even say you could re-apply in six to nine months?

Bob: Right. That’s why I left S4. I didn’t actually leave, they denied my clearance.

Lindemann: …you took those people out there, and that in itself did not constitute enough of a breach of your security vows?

Bob: (Laughing) Oh yes, to them it did. But they never said “We’re pulling your security clearance, you’re no longer working, never come back,” or whatever. I was just debriefed the next day, which was quite an unpleasant experience. Essentially, they gave me a slap on the wrist.

Otherhand Lazar Timeline

UFOs and the Alien Presence
May 1989Bob and Tracy separated.According to sworn statements in the divorce records, Tracy/Jackie separated from Bob. (12)Otherhand Lazar Timeline
May 15, 1989Bob’s anonymous “Dennis” interview airs on KLAS.On May 15, KLAS-TV’s 5 p.m. newscast aired a live interview with an anonymous man who made some extraordinary claims.
8 News NOW Las Vegas
August 19, 1989Bob claims Dennis Mariani, his supervisor at S4, calls him and they agree to meet at a casino in Las Vegas.Bob’s old boss Dennis from Groom Lake called and wanted to meet w/ him in the evening.
Dennis declined to meet Bob at Bob’s house.
So it was finally arranged for Bob to meet Dennis at one of the casino bars downtown at 8:30.

Bob found Dennis there, but Dennis would not acknowledge Bob.

Dennis completely ignored him, wouldn’t look him in the eyes, [and] said nothing.

And when Bob stood right in front of him, he just walked around Bob.
Very strange!
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary
August 30, 1989Bob claims Dennis calls Bob and threatens him with deathDennis called Bob back.  He sounded angry and threatening.

Told Bob [that] “they” weren’t going to allow Bob to complete his project (HIDS).

Bob volunteered to go public and retract all that he has said.

Dennis response to that was “It’s too late for that now.  We’re going to kill you.”

He then hung up the phone.
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary
October 19, 1989Bob claims he was chased by car for 20 minutes, interview with George Knapp followed.Just talked to Bob L. briefly on the phone.
He said that while out on his route today, he was chased again.  A high-speed chase that lasted 20 minutes.
He said he had so much adrenaline in his stomach when it was all over that he felt like vomiting.
He said that he would call me back later as the film crew (I assume George Knapp) had arrived.

Bob called my house from a payphone.
Said that Jim was grilled by security people this evening.
They wanted to know all of what Bob had told him.
Threatened his clearance, etc.
Bob went in the afternoons.

All of this has come about because George Knapp of Channel 8 in Las Vegas started airing segments of an 8-part story about UFOs and the Government involvement.

It started Monday on the 6’oclock news.  Bob is one of the key people in this series.

Bob told me not to call anyone in Las Vegas.  He’ll get in touch w/ me.
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary
November 8, 1989Bob claims government broke into his house and stole the Element 115 and other two unidentified materials.Bob called from GUFON’s.
Said that “they” (Government people) broke into his house today while he was on his route.
They took the 115, all of the clear stuff, and all of the clear liquid.
Bob is worried about what is happening to Jim.  His phone line at work isn’t working any more.

Things are starting to get spooky.  I expect to be visited soon.
I’ve hauled most of my valuable things out of the house.
I’m worried that Bob could get killed.
I’m worried that I could lose my ‘Q’ [clearance] and my job.
We’re in too deep to back out now.

Friday (Nov. 10) is when Bob’s first segment airs on Channel 8.
I imagine things will get even worse after that (IF it happens).
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary
November 10, 1989Bob is publicly identified and interviewed in segment on KLAS series “UFOs: The Best Evidence”.
November 14, 1989Second segment on Bob for “UFOs: The Best Evidence”.8 News NOW Las Vegas
November 21, 1989Bob and Gene Huff featured guests on “Billy Goodman Happening” radio show.Incomplete Transcript Archive
December 9, 1989Bob featured guest on “On the Record with George Knapp” morning TV show.
December 20, 1989Bob featured guest on “Billy Goodman Happening” radio show.Youtube
Christmas Time, 1989Bob contacts and interviews sex worker at The Chicken Ranch brothel to recruit her for unlawful Las Vegas brothel.“… She said that a BOB LAZAR had contacted her at the “Chicken Ranch” around Christmas time of 1989. She said that LAZAR had paid her $100.00 not for sex but just to interview her for a job to work as a prostitute in Las Vegas. LAZAR outlined for [redacted] what was expected of her and also told her of the set up that he had at 5204 TAMARUS #C & D. [Redacted] said that she started working at these apartments at approximately 1-12-90.”Pandering Case Affidavit
January 1990Bob tells presentence investigator he met sex worker as a “John” then approached her with idea to open unlawful brothel.“During January 1990, the defendant engaged the professional services of a 46-year-old female [Toni Bulloch] for personal satisfaction. After approximately three “dates” (encounters during which sexual activity is performed in exchange for monetary compensation), the defendant approached the victim about setting up a brothel out of her residence located at 5204 Tamarus #D.”Pandering Case Presentencing Report
January 9, 1990Bob signs lease agreement for apartment to be used for unlawful brothel.“In this box we found a lease agreement that showed BOB LAZAR had leased 5204 TAMARUS #C on 1-9-1990.”Pandering Case Affidavit
January 11, 1990Bob, Toni Bulloch (sex worker), Joe Vaninetti attend John Lear talk.John Lear gave a UFO talk last night at a high school in Las Vegas.  Bob, GUFON, and I (and Toni) attended.

At the end of John’s talk, he called Bob down to answer some questions.  About 15 min.
A lot of people wanted to talk to Bob as we were leaving.
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary
January 12, 1990Bob signs contract for interviews with Japanese TV station, including travel to Japan, in exchange for $5,000.

Honorarium is roughly equivalent to $11,800 in 2023.
Vaninetti: Bob agrees to a deal with a Japanese tv news station (like CBS’ “60 Minutes”).
Bob and GUFON will go over there probably late February or March sometime.


Bob receives $5000 upfront, however he later refuses to travel to Japan citing threatening phone call.

Norio Hayakawa blog:

Also, later on, I was informed that Bob had kept the honorarium which was a guarantee that he would appear on the program live in Japan.

Norio Hayakawa comment:

“Bob received $5000 just to appear live on a two-hour live show on Area 51 in mid March. All airfaiire [sic] and all expenses paid, besides his honorarium of $5000. He never showed up, as I was waiting at LAX for the plane from Las Vegas. His excuse was that he was prevented from leaving his house by “the government”. He kept his $5000. In mud-March [sic], the two-hour show was broadcast without his live appearance during the middle of the show. He only answered questions by telephone.”


Vaninetti: In March, Bob and Gene (GUFON) were to go to Japan to appear live on their UFO special.
But they decided not to go after Bob got a threatening phone call (I think [it was from] Dennis).
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary

Norio Hayakawa Blog

Norio Hayakawa Youtube Channel

Image of Hayakawa’s comment on Lazar’s compensation
January 12, 1990Bob writes “Grand Opening – Ranch opens” on calendar entry.Under 1-12-90 it said, “Grand Opening – Ranch Opens.” BULLOCH had told us that she and LAZAR had begun running the prostitution operation on 1-12-90.Pandering Case Affidavit
January 24, 1990Robert Bigelow forms the Zeta Reticuli 2 Corporation, hires Bob Lazar at a $30,000 salary.

Salary is roughly equivalent to $67,000 in 2023.
Little is known about what kind of work or research Bob was performing for Robert Bigelow.

In Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science 4, he writes:

“Bob [Bigelow] once created a company with Bob Lazar, the Zeta Reticuli Corporation, to exploit the wondrous supposed properties of Element 115. Lazar exhibited a substance that was light, foam-like, and almost weightless, hinting it would revolutionize energy and propulsion. The cooperation only lasted until the day Bob noticed a container of Lazar’s secret sauce in a corner and recognized it as a commercial emulsive product!”


The Presentence Report states the following:

Zeta Reticuli 2 Incorporated, a defunct developmental/production company producing various inventions concerned with energy direction (beam weapon) and associated products (significantly, documents furnished by the defendant to this department reflected that he [Lazar] was the executive vice president of this corporation, as well as, a contracted engineer for $30,000 a year reimbursement for development).
Forbidden Science 4

Zeta Reticuli Corporate Documents

Pandering Case Presentence Report
January 27, 1990Bob and Toni Bulloch sign bail agreement with bail bondsman.On 1-27-90 the words, “meet with bail guy” were written. The bail agreement that LAZAR and BULLOCH had signed was dated 1-27-90. Pandering Case Affidavit
January 27, 1990Bob is interviewed by Japanese media.Japanese interview at Bob’s house
Gravity amplifiers can tilt (presumably for local movement of craft).
Atomic weight of E-115 is 271.
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary
February 7, 1990Bob notes bust of one of his sex workers in calendar entry, “busted at Dunes.”On 2-7-90 the calendar said, “busted at Dunes.” [Redacted] and another female had been arrested at the Dunes Hotel in a room set up on 2-8-90. However, the room set-up had begun on 2-7-90 and the girls had agreed to come out on that evening and were not arrested until the early morning hours of 2-8-90.Pandering Case Affidavit
February 1990Bob interviewed twice by Japanese media.
Bob met with the Japanese on 2 occasions in February 1990 for taped interviews. I was present for the first one (I took some pictures).
Joe Vaninetti’s Diary
February 27, 1990Bob writes “met Toni – to LA” on calendar entry.On 2-27-90 written on the calendar was “met Toni – to LA.” This calendar was impounded along with two VHS tapes, several pictures and negatives and two weapons which were found in the residence. Pandering Case Affidavit
March 14, 1990Bob writes to Los Alamos National Laboratory seeking personnel records.Correspondence with Los Alamos
March 30, 1990Bob issued passport with no expiration date.Bob issued passport seemingly in preparation for his planned travel to Japan.

As stated in the Presentence Report:

As of March 30, 1990, the defendant possesses a valid United States Passport with no expiration date denoted.
Pandering Case Presentence Report
June 5, 1990Bob arrested and charged with pandering in Las Vegas.Pandering Case Presentence Report
June 18, 1990Bob pleads guilty to felony charge of pandering.According to the LV Sun, “The guilty plea was part of a plea bargain in which the district attorney’s office agreed not to pursue additional prostitution- related charges.” The story in the LV Review-Journal said Bob met prostitute Toni Bulloch as a customer and helped her set up her business in the Newport Cove apartments on Tamarus Street. The story also stated, “The records show that Lazar later helped Bulloch in setting up the business, that he did indeed keep computer records of customers, and that he also took at least a 50 percent share of her fees. Lazar was also interested in recruiting other women into the operation, the records state.”Otherhand Lazar Timeline
July 25, 1990Bob is divorced from Tracy/Jackie(Case D 130180). (12)

According to the proceedings of the case, Bob received the house on Lovell Street and any equipment and/or revenue from his businesses known as “Jet Processing”, “United Nuclear” and “Red Light Racing”. Tracy/Jackie received a pickup truck and various furniture and audio-video items. The proceedings also identified both marriages (i.e., first as Tracy and again as Jackie) and directed that Tracy/Jackie would retain the name “Tracy Lazar”.
Otherhand Lazar Timeline
August 20, 1990Bob sentenced in pandering case.As a result of his pandering conviction, Bob was sentenced to 6 months probation, 150 hours of community service, ordered to undergo psychotherapy and to stay away from brothels. (7)The article in the LV Review-Journal said that although “state parole and probation authorities had recommended a four month prison evaluation of Lazar”, the prosecutor, John Lukens, said that the circumstances of the case were such that “Metro vice and the DA have no opposition to probation.” The article also said the court received letters supporting Bob from George Knapp and Representative James Bilbray, D-Nevada.Otherhand Lazar Timeline
June 11, 1993New Line Cinema options Bob’s story for feature length film.Daily Variety, an entertainment industry newspaper reports “New Line Nabs Pic Based on Gov’t UFO Scientist”. Excerpts from the story: “The life story of former U.S. government scientist Bob Lazar that was recently put into turnaround by Gruber-Peters Prods. has been put on an earthly fast track by New Line Cinema for director Chuck Russell, according to Michael De Luca, New Line’s exec veepee/CEO.”

”New Line finalized the deal for the untitled film on Wednesday after Lazar considered competing offers from producer Steve Tisch, Simpson-Bruckheimer Prods. and actor Steven Seagal, De Luca said.”

“De Luca said the pic will have an $8 million to $10 million budget and will shoot in fall or early `94 with a `94 release.”
Otherhand Lazar Timeline
December 8, 1995First installment of Bob’s “UFO Line” radio show is broadcast.Station: KLAV (1230 AM)

Hosts: Bob Lazar, Gene Huff

Guest: George Knapp Archive
December 15, 1995Second installment of Bob’s “UFO Line” radio show is broadcast.Station: KLAV (1230 AM)

Hosts: Bob Lazar, Gene Huff

Guest: Hypnotherapist Layne Keck
December 22, 1995Third installment of Bob’s “UFO Line” radio show is broadcast.Station: KLAV (1230 AM)

Hosts: Bob Lazar, Gene Huff

Guest: John Lear
January 5, 1996Fourth installment of Bob’s “UFO Line” radio show is broadcast.Station: KLAV (1230 AM)

Hosts: Bob Lazar, Gene Huff

Guest: John Lear
January 12, 1996Fifth installment of Bob’s “UFO Line” radio show is broadcast.Station: KLAV (1230 AM)

Hosts: Bob Lazar, Gene Huff

Guest: George Knapp Archive
September 26, 1996Bob files a petition to withdraw his guilty plea entered in the 1990 pandering case.
November 20, 1996District Court denies Lazar’s petition to withdraw his guilty plea.
February 1998Bob Lazar and Jon Farhat co-found Project Terraform.Bob Lazar and Jon Farhat purchase a decommissioned Atlas-F Missile Silo in Roswell, New Mexico to “be converted to an experimental test chamber.”

“The purpose of Project Terraform is to create a subterranean, self-contained environment that precisely duplicates the ambient temperatures, pressures, atmospheric and chemical compositions of the planet Mars.”

Credentials listed for Bob Lazar at the time:

President, United Nuclear, design and manufacture of Alpha radiation detection equipment for nuclear weapons industry. Executive director, Neon Caterpillar Productions, specializing in computer systems analysis. President, Jet Processing Imaging Systems, industrial photo imagery. Formerly, Nuclear Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico, involved in advanced nuclear weapon design and development. U.S.Department of Navy, Nevada Test Site, Senior Staff Physicist, advanced propulsion development. Co Founder: Terraform Inc.

Per the New Mexico Secretary of State’s website, the project is dissolved on March 31, 2000.
Archive Newsgroup Post


New Mexico Secretary of State
November 26, 2001Bob sells home at 1029 James Lovell and moves back to New Mexico.
July 7, 2006Bob reports to the FBI receiving a suspicious phone call from someone seeking to purchase from United Nuclear chemicals used to manufacture Sarin gas.“The caller wanted a few pounds each of the above listed chemicals. The caller did not leave his name or a telephone number. The suspicious nature of the calls which included the chemicals inquired about and the lack of contact information from
the caller raised the level of concern for

UNSS does not maintain any of the above listed chemicals at its business. However, tried to lead the caller on by informing that UNSS would have pricing information and quantities available within a
few days. The caller was supposed to call back by 07/21/2006.”

The FBI opens an investigation.
The Black Vault – United Nuclear FBI Release #2
September 14, 2006DOJ charges United Nuclear Scientific Supplies for selling illegal fireworks material.On September 18, 2006, the United States filed a criminal Information in federal court in the District of New Mexico against United Nuclear Scientific Supplies, LLC. The Information alleges that the defendant violated the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, 15 U.S.C.§§ 1263(a) and 1264(a), by delivery of banned hazardous substances.United States DOJ
October 2, 2006UNSS pleads guilty to three counts.On October 2, 2006, the United States filed a plea agreement in federal court in the District of New Mexico resolving the criminal charges against United Nuclear Scientific Supplies, LLC.United States DOJ
July 24, 2007United Nuclear sentenced to pay a fine of $7,500, and to serve three years of probation.United States DOJ
August 25, 2008Bob reports to FBI contact with a person seeking to purchase Polonium 210 from United Nuclear.“[The caller] claimed that he wanted to purchase a concentrated solution of Polonium-210. When [Lazar] asked why he wanted the Polonium, [the caller] replied that it was for a friend who needed it to detect counterfeit US currency. [Lazar] explained that one needed an NRC license to posses this material. [The caller] asked if there was “any way around the NRC requirements. [Lazar] said that he did not know of any way around the NRC. [The caller] asked if he could purchase any other Polonium-210 sources from UNSS and reduce them to a concentrated solution. [Lazar] told [the caller] that would not be possible. [Lazar] then terminated the call.”The Black Vault – United Nuclear FBI Release #1
June 27, 2013Bob claims United Nuclear is involved in several miilitary contracts and he is working as a consultant to Raytheon.Email to Alejandro Rojas from United Nuclear:

Sorry, Mr. Lazar no longer involves himself in matters related to the topic of UFOs.

He hasn’t followed the topic in about 10 years and does not lecture on anything other than basic science & energy technologies.

His companies are involved in several Military contracts and he is a science & technology consultant to Raytheon weapon systems.

For these reasons he avoids ‘rocking the boat’ and generally keeps his distance from the topic.
July 19, 2017FBI/Local LE visit United Nuclear with search warrant in connection with the murder of Janel Sturzl.According to months worth of incident reports obtained by Motherboard, the 2016 raid on United Nuclear was part of an ongoing and extensive murder investigation that includes state, local, and federal authorities. The documents make no mention of element 115.

According to reports written by Michigan State Police Sergeant Detective Thomas Rajala, the events leading up to the search of United Nuclear began in late 2015 with the mysterious death of 31-year-old Janel Struzl. Rajala says doctors concluded Struzl was poisoned and died of “thallium toxicity.” Colorless, odorless, and tasteless, thallium sulfate has been described as “the poisoner’s poison” due to the substance’s high toxicity and difficulty to detect.

According to the Michigan State Police reports and United Nuclear Scientific’s website, Lazar’s company sells thallium, and the police search was intended to learn more about who he’d sold the material to. Lazar is not specifically listed as a suspect in the murder in the police documents.
Bob Lazar Says the FBI Raided Him to Seize Area 51’s Alien Fuel. The Truth Is Weirder – Vice

Documents on 2017 Bob Lazar / United Nuclear Raid – The Black Vault
December 4, 2018“Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” documentary released.IMDb
June 20, 2019Bob featured guest on The Joe Rogan Experience.Youtube
October 15, 2019Bob autobiography “Dreamland” released.“TTS is excited to announce the launch of our new imprint INTERSTELLAR and its first book hitting bookshelves on Oct. 15th, DREAMLAND: An Autobiography by Bob Lazar. Lazar’s story is remarkable and a crucial part of the history of the phenomenon and the legend of Area 51.”@ToTheStarsMedia