Professors Lazar cited from MIT and Cal Tech

QF: Is there any way you could reconstruct your course work and your professors?

BL: Oh, sure, I’ve got people that I went to school with, and George Knapp has spoken to some of them and even flew with me up to Los Alamos and spoke to my colleagues there.

QF: Could you reveal some of your professors at M.I.T. and Cal-Tech?

BL: Yeah, if you want. I don’t have a list of them here. Dr. Duxler I think was one of them. And Hohsfield was another.

QF: Hohsfield?

BL: Hohsfield. H-O-H-S-F-I-E-L-D, or something along those lines.

QF: Would he remember you?

BL: Oh, yeah. Hohsfield I know will.

QF: These are at M.I.T. or Cal-Tech?

BL: Hohsfield was at M.I.T. Duxler was at Cal-Tech.

Dr. Duxler was a physics professor at Pierce College, which Bob attended.

Mr. Hohsfield was a teacher at Bob Lazar’s high school.

Mr. Hohsfield passed before Bob graduated in August of 1976.