Carol Lazar Coroner’s Report

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DATE 1-21-86Case No: 750-86Narrative Summary:Responded to a residence at a report of a suspected suicide reported to Metro PoliceDepartment by the husband of the victim.

Viewed a Caucasian female sitting slumped in the front passengor seat of a 2 doorhatchback Honda, no license plates.

Examination of the decedent produced no apparent life signs, rigor appears to beleaving the upper extremities with livldity in the dependent portions of the body.

The victim has purged a small amount of foam from the mouth.

There is a 9 mm. semi automatic hand gun Laying on the driver’s front seat, loaded,safety off, unfired. There small television operating that is sitting on thehood of the vehicle facing the victim.

Investigäting Metro Officers report. finding a note indicating suicide in the residence.See copy attached. Husband reports finding the victim as described this date at 7:30 A.M. following his return from out of state. Husband reports talking with the decedent by telephone on Saturday, 4-19-86. The weapon was purchased by the husband for the victim while they were living in New Mexlco, elght months ago. Husband states they have had marital difficulties, that the deceased has talked of suicide.

No property on the decedent per [blank].

Victim removed by the duty mortuary pending disposition.

Husband stated to detectives the vehicle vas still running upon his discovery.Examination of the vehicle revealed piping from the exhaust Into the intorior of thecar thru the hatchback and secured with tape.

Cause of Death: 

Immediate Cause: Carbon monoxide poisoning

Manner of death: Suicide

How injury occurred: Inhalation of motor vehicle exhaust